Political Operative.


Jade Madani is a party-independent Political Consultant and Partner at MADANI & MORGAN. Since the beginning Mr. Madani has been involved on high-level scaled projects. He already has served politicians, candidates, parties, NGOs and international institutions as a Political Director, Strategist or Consultant on questions of effective strategies, elections campaigns and rebranding issues as e.g. to regain political power. Due to the concepts, campaigning ideas and its successful realization by Mr. Madani many Candidates are now proud elected Member of Parliament.

Young Leader.


Jade Madani was an elected member of the Cities Youth Council of his hometown in Germany. He represented the Council in the District Assembly and got directly involved in decision-making process within the administration. Furthermore, Mr. Madani was elected two times as School Speaker of his high school and elected by the Cities Pupils Council as its Deputy Pupils Speaker. Later on he was two-time selected Representative of the Youth States Assembly in North Rhine-Westphalia. In which he was the Groups Vice-President. The Political Strategist is also the Founder of the international Think Tank Young Leaders Hub.

Opinion Shaper.


Jade Madani is a frequently requested expert on policy and politics fields. He was featured on the second channel of Germanys national television as well on state-level orientated and private TV Stations. Also regional newspapers or national online magazines are quoting or publishing Mr. Madani’s analyses. The Young Leader is a well-received Keynote Speaker and Panel Guest for Schools and NGOs. His core strength are discrete face-to-face conversations. As a multilingual speaker of five languages, the Political Consultant has a great cultural understanding.